О комодоор

Komodoor's quality products are crafted of Red Meranti, Teak, Nyatoh, Kempas, Manila, Merbau, Daru-daru, Keranji, Kulim, Kumie and Sonokeling and are hand selected for the even grains, warm textures and overall beauty.

All Komodoor wood is subject to a stringent selection process. Raw wood is bought directly from the sawmills, then scaled, lathed and kiln dried at our plant. Our doors, floors and moldings are carefully inspected at each stage of production giving our products superior resistant to warping and deformation.

Komodoor doors and flooring are milled and constructed under the highest standards in the most vigorous quality controlled regime in the industry, satisfying and exceeding most American and British standards.

Komodoor's quality of craftsmanship, low price and first-class customer service make Komodoor products easy to sell. Plus, with an overall production capacity of over 30,000 doors per month, we can produce enough to satisfy the needs of distributors, wholesalers, retailers, contractors and suppliers.