• Lara

  • Lara

Trade name – LARA (Heavy hardwood). 
Botanical name – Xanthostemon. Family - Myrtaceae.
Family – Icacinaceae.

The Indonesian tropical hardwood Lara is one of the densest exotic flooring options available. It is tough, strong and very stable. Lara's durability sets it apart from almost every other hardwood. Lara's toughness is only part of its appeal. There is also the beautiful side of this tropical flooring. The heartwood of this exotic flooring ranges from mostly brown to black. The darkish colours occasionally give way to a hint of a lighter grain. Make no mistake, like mahogany, this unique flooring possesses a distinct coloration. Dark chartreuse shades give way to distinguishable variations of deep reddish brown mixed with shades of dark chocolate brown streaked with coal covered grain patterns. A true beauty in the world of exotic hardwoods, Lara is perhaps the most complete tropical hardwood. Both attractive and strong!

Origin and distribution - New Caledonia, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, New Guinea, Indonesia. Komodoor supplies Indonesian species from Sulawesi Island.

Komodoor Lara flooring is supplied in A Grade only. It is selected for Light, Medium and Dark (L,M,D) colours, while it looks much better when all colours are installed mixed. A Grade - quarter and flat sawn, no dead knots, sapwood and pinholes on face. Some colour variation.


The lightest planks will add beautiful striped colour variation


Darkest planks are very uniform and have deep chocolate colour.


Mixed colour planks showcase the natural palette of Lara.