Trade name – KERANJI (Heavy hardwood). 
Botanical name – Dialium L.
Family – Leguminosae.

Keranji is a heavy, hard and strong wood of golden-brown to reddish-brown colour with interlocked or wavy grains. Its surface is lustrous, moderately coarse, with stripped textured grains. Keranji is good general- purpose timber. It is used in construction, for production of door and window frames, sills, posts and flooring. Due to its attractive sheen, which is usually dark red or brown, it is used for decorative paneling, cabinet and furniture.

Origin and distribution – It is distributed in Africa, India, Tailand, Malaysia and Indonesia (Sumatra, Java and Kalimantan).

Komodoor selects Keranji flooring for Prime and Select Grades and sort it into Light, Medium and Dark colours. Skirting is supplied only in Select Grade and is sorted into L,M,D colours.


Quarter and semi-quater sawn. No life knots, sapwood, stain, pin holes. Slight colour variation due to stripped texture.


Flat and quatersawn. No sapwood, stain, dead knots. Some life knots, pin holes, colour variation are accepted.