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Trade name – KEMPAS (Medium-heavy hardwood). 
Botanical name – Koompassia malaccensis.
Family – Leguminosae.

Kempas is vibrant tropical hardwood valued for its wonderful colour variety from golden red to dark Mahogany. All Kempas hues go extremply well together and create exceptional colour varieties. Kempas is a hard medium- heavy wood that dries very well. For outdoor usage the timber should be treated with appropriate wood preservatives. The grain is interlocked, sometimes wavy, and the texture is coarse but even.

Origin and distribution – It is distributed in Sumatra, Malaysia peninsular, Kalimantan. Komodoor supplies Indonesian Kempas, mostly from southern Sumatra, which is considered to be the best region for this wood type.

Komodoor Kempas flooring is selected for Prime, Select and Natural Grades, and for Light, Medium and Dark colours. Skirting is supplied only in Select Grade and selected for L, M, D colours.


Quarter and semi-quarter sawn. No life knots, pin holes, sapwood, stain. No colour variation.


Flat and quarter sawn. No sapwood, stain, dead knots. Slight colour variation. Some life knots, pin holes are accepted.


Flat and quarter sawn. Sapwood on back side, some life knots, pin holes, colour variation, wild grain and stain are accepted.