Black Palm

Trade name – Black Palm (Medium-heavy hardwood). 

Black Palm is one of Komodoor's most rare and exotic hardwoods. A precious hardwood found only in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, Black Palm offers a look that is truly unique, absent from any other hardwood. Its signature look makes its two predominant colours of black and white colours, blends so spectacularly, it's clear that only Mother Nature could create such harmony. This clash of extremes; traditional colours of black, being as dark as night, and white, being the light of day, combine to create an exquisite finished look of distinctive silver. The pattern is so uniform it is difficult to distinguish where one plank ends and another begins. This precious and extraordinary hardwood affords luxurious homes a contemporary and distinctive look. Black Palm is destined to be used in some of the most reknowned designers' showcase homes.

Origin and distribution   Malaysia, Philippines, New Guinea, Indonesia. Komodoor supplies Indonesian species.

Komodoor Black Palm flooring is supplied in A Grade only. It is not selected for Light, Medium and Dark (L,M,D) colours, because there is pronounced variation between the darker and lighter shades.


Silver colour makes light shade dominating for whole floor.


This is the darkest colour. Black grains on dark grey background.


To achive a straggered effect, mix both Light and Dark Black Palm.